Whittingehame Estate Woodchip Conversion Project

DESCRIPTION: RE-PLANNING OF FORESTRY OPERATIONS. CONSTRUCTION OF WOOD CHIP DRYING SHEDS. CONVERSION OF BUILDINGS FROM BURNING OIL TO BURNING WOOD CHIPS. The central area of the Estate, within the perimeter wall is listed in the “Inventory of Gardens and Designed Landscapes in Scotland”. Much of the planting was designed by WS Gilpin circa 1820 to […]

Dykefoot Steading

Renovation of a West Lothian Steading to form an energy efficient group of houses   DESCRIPTION: Location is 19 miles South West of Edinburgh, north of the “Lang Whang”, the A70 to Carstairs, on the watershed of the Clyde and Forth river systems and the River Medway flows west forming the northern boundary (image 6). […]

Loft House, Ormiston Hall

Low Cost, Self-Build Conversion of a Stable to an Energy Efficient House using partial Solar Heating and a wood burning stove DESCRIPTION: The building is part of a farm steading in the well wooded policies of Ormiston Hall, located 2km South of Ormiston. The North wall of the house forms part of the south facing […]

Thesis: Low Energy Design

A design for ten energy efficient houses for a 1976 UN Habitat competition    DESCRIPTION: The site was located central Canada, with an extreme continental climate and heavy snow. Unlike many designs for individual “Autonomous” houses at that time, I was interested in grouping the houses for economy of construction, to minimise heat loss and to […]

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