New House, Mavisbank Walled Garden

One storey house with 3 bedrooms forming part of the Walled Garden


The location is a South facing rural corridor of parkland, South of Loanhead, bounded to the South by the River North Esk. The Walled Garden is an oval form enclosed by a 3-4m high brick wall, which is a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

The new building was restricted to the area of former potting sheds to keep the garden free of development. The building grows from a new curved extension of the existing brick wall. The pitch roof of the new single storey house is separated from the brick wall by a hidden section of flat roof. Cladding to the enclosed private garden is larch and white render, to distinguish new work from original.

Energy efficiency is based on small windows to the North and large areas of south facing glazing and well insulated timber frame construction. The separate Energy Centre allows flexibility to change fuel sources in the future.


Client:   Harley + Hester Weston

Location:   Polton, Lasswade, Midlothian

IPA Design Start:   September 2009

Start on site:   September 2010

Completion:   July 2011

Internal floor area:   342 sq m

Cost:   £500.000

Cost per sq m:   £1500


Initial Architect:   Simpson and Brown Architects

Project architect:   Patrick Stegbauer, Ian Parsons of IPA

Quantity surveyor:   Alan Haxton

Structural engineer:   WMA

Main contractor:   HM Raitt and Sons Ltd, Musselburgh

Site Manager:   Jim Douglas of HM Raitt

Sub-contractors:   Compass RoofingD.Blake & Co, EPS, GL Floors, IHS,

Haymarket, Lothian Heating Services, Rob Roy Homes.

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